Singapore Ministry Update

The year 2021 has continued to be a challenging year for our Singapore churches due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, as more Singaporeans were vaccinated as the year progressed, this has allowed the government to also progressively relaxed Covid-19 restrictions. This has allowed us to resume more physical church activities. We thank the Lord that we have scheduled more regular Holy Communion sacraments and more members have also returned to church for services. We also restarted physical RE classes and brought back our short-term theological students for physical lessons in both Adam and TK. With regards to evangelism, we have also decentralized our evangelistic services and individual churches have started to plan for their own bimonthly worship evangelistic services.

Another positive development arising from the pandemic was that we started our daily bible reading and prayer on zoom in July. We thank the Lord that we have about 70 to 80 members joining us on average every morning. The evergreen and middle-aged bible reading fellowships across the various churches have also gained more traction during the pandemic.

However, on a less positive note, the Covid-19 restrictions have definitely impacted interactions amongst members. We have been unable to hold fellowship meals in church as well as church camps for children. Many of our SCB plans, both local and overseas, continue to be affected due to the pandemic. Mass evangelistic tracting, door-to-door evangelism, and our volunteering at a nursing home have been temporarily stopped. We also had to continue most of our overseas missionary trips online. We pray that many of these plans and programs can be carried out again as Singapore transitions from a pandemic to an endemic state and the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. 

Looking forward, one of the important focuses of SCB for the year 2022 is on evangelism. The SCB evangelism department together with the evangelism departments of the various churches have decided on the theme “Each one reach one”. Each of the four local churches will plan for an evangelistic activity to be launched across all churches in each quarter. As we see signs of the end times being fulfilled, we pray that more members will come to the realization that the time is short and will be stirred up to do more personal evangelism.

Highlights of Activities in 2021:

  1. Counseling Course conducted by Bro Daniel Chu on “Faith is the victory” with sessions including Introducing Biblical Counseling, Focus Workshops: Targeted sessions for different age-group counseling, and Symposium for Ministers Handling Family Conflict Dates (17 Jan – 8 Feb)
  2. Online Spiritual Nurture Seminar for ministers and exco-members (24-25 July). On Sunday, Pr Lai Cang Yi spoke on the topic “Modern Theological Thinking” with Malaysian ministers joining in as well.
  3. Spiritual Nurture Seminar for preachers in Singapore and West Malaysia (26-30 July)
  4. Youth Spiritual Meeting on “Fleeing youthful lust and pursue godliness” (6-8 Aug)
  5. Two online Spiritual Meetings:



Some activities in church

Evangelistic service at Adam Road Church 

Pr. Peter Shee conducting evangelism training at Telok Kurau Church

Year-End Spiritual Meeting

Ordination of Deacon

Daily morning prayer at Zoom