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Fearing God

What Is the Fear of God?

The concept of fearing God may be confusing. Why would God want us to feel this way towards Him? This video explains how this fear enables us to understand and follow God’s will. God doesn’t want us to be afraid of Him; rather, He wants us to love Him with respect to His words and commandments.

Why Should We Fear God (Part 1)

Why is it important for Christians today to be God-fearing? After all, God is full of love and grace, so why is fearing God still relevant to us today?

Why Should We Fear God (Part 2)

In the previous video, we discussed why we should fear God on the basis of His nature. In this video, we discuss why we should fear God based on what He has done for us, and what is expected of us.

How to Fear God (Part 1)

Fearing God doesn’t mean that we need to be afraid of Him. Rather, it is an attitude of obedience out of respect and reverence for God.

How to Fear God (Part 2)

In the previous video, we focused on how to fear God based on our personal relationship with Him. In this video, we focus on how to fear God based on our personal conduct and relationships with other people. In essence, fearing God is a combination of having favor with God and with people.

Benefits of Fearing God (Part 1)

Fearing God can enrich our quality of life and improve our inner well-being. It is the first step we must take in order to receive wisdom, joy, and abundance from the Lord.

Benefits of Fearing God (Part 2)

God takes notice of those who fear Him and abides with them with His everlasting mercy.


What Is Biblical Prayer?

What is prayer according to the Bible? Why do people pray?

The Power of Prayer

What can we pray for? Why is prayer so powerful?

How to Pray

When and where can we pray? What is the difference between praying with others and praying alone? Why do we kneel when we pray? How can we express ourselves in prayer?

Praying with the Right Attitude

What are the right attitudes to have when we pray? How did Jesus teach His disciples to pray?

Praying in the Spirit

How does the Holy Spirit help us in our prayers? What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?

Praying for Others

Why should we intercede for others? What or who can we intercede for?


What is God's Purpose for Us in Marriage?

What are the keys to a successful marriage? It all begins with understanding what God’s purpose is for marriage as laid out in the Bible. By living according to His purpose, we will discover how fulfilling and blessed marriage truly can be.

When Am I Ready for Marriage?

If you are getting married or starting a relationship, this video presents an overview on the spiritual essence of marriage. It also serves as a reminder for the rest of our married lives as we grow and build a family with our spouse.

What Does the Bible Expect of Husbands?

Christ loved the church by giving Himself for her, to the point of giving up His life, and He expects husbands to love their wives in the same way. When a husband loves his wife, the benefit comes back to himself. This video tells us how, and provides a practical understanding of what the Bible expects of husbands.