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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How and when did your church begin?

The True Jesus Church was established in 1917 in Beijing, China. The early workers, having received the Holy Spirit and revelation of the true gospel, began preaching the truth of salvation. They sent out missionaries and distributed gospel tracts to provinces throughout China. The power of God was manifested mightily through the presence of the Holy Spirit and through accompanying signs and miracles. In the following years, this gospel was preached to many countries around the world.

2. What are your beliefs?

Please read our Statement of Faith. For a detailed description of our beliefs, please visit The Complete Gospel.

3. Does your church belong to any denomination?

Our church is non-denominational, i.e. not affiliated with any particular denomination.

4. Why are you called the True Jesus Church?

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the name “True Jesus Church” was given as a testimony to the true gospel of salvation that she preaches. As the body of Christ, this true church belongs to the true God through the mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. How does the church finance her operation?

Our operation is financed solely by the willing donations of our members and friends. We believe that members should offer tithes in the way of keeping God’s command and repaying God’s love for us. We are a non-profit organization and do not have any financial ties to any businesses, charitable organization, or government agencies.

6. How can I become a True Jesus Church member?

Believe in the Lord Jesus, accept His way of salvation and receive baptism in the True Jesus Church. Learn more about how to receive salvation.

7. Is there a True Jesus Church near me?

We have many locations around the world. To find one nearest you, please go to the Church Locator. If you are not near any of our locations, please email us at We’ll be more than happy to contact you and assist you further.

8. What should I expect when attending your service?

We welcome you and your family to join any of our local congregations for worship and fellowship. Regular Sabbath service is held on Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday. Before a service begins, the congregation will be led to sing hymns to prepare their hearts. The service is usually a sermon, beginning and ending with hymns and prayers. 

9. Do you celebrate Christmas?

We do not celebrate Christmas because neither the celebration of Christmas nor Jesus’ birthday is recorded in the Bible. Further, since Jesus is God, who is without beginning or end, there is no need to celebrate Christmas to honor His birth. Finally, the origin of the December 25th celebration of Christmas has more to do with pagan worship than Christian beliefs. Learn more about this topic.

10. How do I contact you with questions?

We love to hear from you! Please send us your inquiry or comments from the contact page. We’ll try our best to respond to your inquiry in 2 business days.

11. How can I order publications from you? Is it free?

You can order publications here. The first copy of any publication is free for personal use. For multiple copies, please contact us.