Find a Life in Jesus 

What does it mean to find a life in Jesus?

We all have life. We breathe, we eat, and at the end of the day, we sleep. But what does it mean to truly live? Jesus says He came so that we could “have life, and that [we] may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10b). The life He intends for us is one of peace to face whatever challenges may come, of contentment with what we are given, and a daily hope that will last until we return to His side. God created us to crave the basic needs (to the right) so that in fulfilling them, we will find something that is much more precious. “God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:27). Nothing is more satisfying in this world than finding God Himself. Start your seeking today.

Why should I believe in Jesus?

We all have needs beyond material things. We long to be loved; we need to feel secure; and we search for happiness and fulfillment. Money, entertainment, fame, and accomplishments can bring us some emotional satisfaction. Relationships such as friendship and family can also meet some of our emotional needs. But there is a deeper, spiritual need that material things, achievements, and relationships cannot fill.

Away from Home

Take a child away from her parents. Give her all the toys she likes and bring her to the amusement park. She may be distracted for a while. But soon, she would cry for her parents. Only when she is back with her parents would she feel secure and content.

In the same way, our innermost spiritual need is to be with our Father in heaven. Nothing else can meet that need. Like a long lost child, we have all been separated from God our Father. Because of sin, we have been cut off from God’s eternal life. We have lost our way back to God and our identity as His children.

The Ransom

Jesus is the way back to our Father in heaven. He says, “no one can come to the Father except through Me.” He, being God Himself, loved us and came to this world as a human being. He died for us and paid the ransom for our freedom.

Sin comes with a price—enslavement by God’s enemy, the devil, and separation from God. By our own good will, we cannot possibly regain the freedom and the spiritual life we had lost. But through His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ paid the penalty of sin on our behalf. Through the Lord Jesus, we can be made alive spiritually and become God’s children once again.

Coming Home

Jesus is the answer to our spiritual needs. He is the only way to an eternal life of bliss and joy. So many people have come to know Jesus and their lives have changed. In the True Jesus Church, you can hear countless stories of people experiencing the wonderful transformation through Jesus Christ.

During baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, many people witness the blood of Jesus as evidence that our sins are paid for by His blood. Many people, at the moment when they receive the Holy Spirit, experience the indescribable joy of a lost child finding herself in the arms of the loving heavenly Father.

If you are seeking for meaning in life; if you are looking for something to fill the inner emptiness; if you feel helpless and lost; or if you want to receive the gift of everlasting life, it’s time to come home to your Father in heaven. Open your hearts to Jesus Christ. He will fill your deepest longing and crown you with everlasting life in our Father’s glorious kingdom.