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How to Set Up Youtube Live Stream with Online Conference Call

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, many TJC churches temporarily cancel the services and ask members to watch the live stream sermon. If you want to help your church to set up a live stream service with Preacher and Interpreter both stay in their own home. This is how:

Solution 1

The 1st solution is free (with the brand logo) to a low-cost solution. The solution is using a Chrome extension called StreamYard. StreamYard also supports Firefox and Opera.

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests (interpreter or pianist), share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

The free version is limited to 20 hours per month. The basic plan is USD $20/month, which provides enough features for the church live stream every week. To find out the complete features of this production, please check this video.

Solution 2

The 2nd solution is to use the popular Zoom app. There are several steps to set up Zoom and link Zoom to the youtube live stream service. The ‘Pro’ Zoom account is recommended in this solution.

Please read this guide True Jesus Church Online Services – Setting Up Zoom for YouTube Streaming from Irvine Church AV team. With this in-details instructions, you should set up a live stream with an online conference call without any issue.

If you have concerns about the “Zoom bombing” security issue recently. Please read this article Zoom privacy and security issues: Here’s everything that’s wrong (so far). Basically, there are 2 main issues: 1) The Zoom public waiting room is wide-open to the hackers. 2) Zoom did send your personal info to Facebook for advertising money. For 1st issue, set your meeting privately will solve the issue. For 2nd issue, Zoom shall fix it soon (if not already).

Please use solution 1 if you think Zoom is not the right choice for you.