Request for donations for the purchase of a property


Hallelujah ! Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in Christ !

Thank God, the fundraising for the project of East Paris Church’s chapel acquisition has come to an end. Thanks to the love and generosity of brothers and sisters worldwide, the shortfall of our financial plan has been collected within a few months. We want to express our deep gratitude and ask God to remember their love and to bless them abundantly. This fundraising was greatly facilitated by numerous efforts of several servants of God and we would also like to thank them. May God remember their love as well !

The acquisition procedure is still ongoing and we need your intercessions. We know that God has His will and His time. Thus, we totally trust in Him through our supplications, praises and intercessions.

We hope to have a place soon to worship God under good conditons and to glorify His name. We also hope to be able to invite you soon to the dedication of our future premises.

May God continue to guide us and help us with our procedures ! May the peace and the grace of God be with us all !
TJC East Paris Church