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We’re glad you could visit this site. Here, you can get to know the truth as given by the Lord Jesus Christ and taught by His apostles. Many have experienced God’s presence and salvation in the True Jesus Church through various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Get started by browsing our site! Discover if your understanding of the gospel is completeseek answers to misconceptions about Christian beliefs, grow by studying the Bible, or watch our stories of people whose lives have been changed.

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The final issue in Manna Magazine’s “Time to Reflect” series considers the meaning of our life and how to live a life worthy of our calling. Writers share their experiences of God’s grace and love in their lives, and how He has helped them to grow and overcome difficulties while serving Him.

Testimony: “God’s Enduring Love”

I realized that even though science appears absolute, it is not. It changes when new studies are conducted and new information is discovered. In this light, I could now accept the Bible as absolute truth.

Theme: “ A More Abundant Life (Part 1): Peace and Hope”

What is the source of true peace and hope, and how can attaining these help us to live a more meaningful life?

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