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Introduction to Virtual Choir Video Production – 17 Jan 2021

During the pandemic, church choirs could only present via online platforms. In order to allow members to further understand the production process of the virtual choir videos, the Evangelical team of the General Assembly specially organised an online sharing session on “Introduction to Virtual Choir Video Production.” The content mainly introduced the concept and preparation process of virtual choirs, on how to conduct online practice, the preparation required for recording, and a preliminary introduction to the post-production of virtual choir video.

The speaker was Bro. Raymond Ng from Petaling Jaya church of Central Region. He shared what a virtual choir is and also introduced several computer softwares such as Adobe Audition for audio editing and Final Cut Pro X for post-production video editing.

Finally, he also shared some finished products that were already uploaded on the webpage and he also shared on their production process of those videos.

Thank the Lord! That day, there were about 170 brethren participants from various churches in West Malaysia including several brethren from Singapore who participated in this online sharing session. We hope that through this online sharing, more interested brothers and sisters would understand the importance of online ministry and would willingly participate in the production of virtual choir videos. May all glory be to the true God in heaven!

Introduction to Virtual Choir Video Production