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2019 Report on the Myanmar Sabbath School Parents & Students Gospel Fellowship

Thank the guidance of our Lord Jesus that the TJC Myanmar Sabbath School Parents & Students Gospel Fellowship was held at Sungai Long Evangelical Centre on 4 Oct 2019. It was conducted with the assistance of the TJC Korean Mission Team which comprised of 10 youths led by Pr Hong Young Suk from Janghang Seobu Church, South Korea. The theme for the gospel fellowship this year was ‘God with us’ and it was specially conducted for the Myanmarese students, who have been attending Religious Education (RE) classes at our weekly Sabbath school, as well as their parents.

The three-hour programme, which was conducted in English and Chinese with Burmese interpretation, started with a lively choral singing session and followed by a puppet show. Thereafter, lessons were conducted for the students in their respective Kindergarten, Lower Primary and Upper Primary classes while their parents participated in a gospel tea session. At the gospel tea session, Pr Hong spoke a short message and the parents watched a multimedia video (about the message of the gospel and the activities organised during the gospel fellowship held last year) while enjoying snacks from Korea prepared by the Korean Mission Team. Finally, the gospel fellowship ended with an award presentation ceremony for the students.

Thank God that there was a total of 29 Myanmar students and 5 parents who participated at this year’s gospel fellowship. May all praises and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

2019 Central Region Regional Hymn Evangelistic Services

In the year 2017, the Central Region Evangelical Dept organized a Combined Hymn Evangelistic service in PJ church. There were 4 choir groups that presented hymns at this event. A total of 76 truth seekers attended. To expand this work of evangelizing through hymns, the Central Region Evangelical Dept organised a Regional Hymn Evangelistic service in three churches that involved the choir groups from the 10 churches in Central Region. The following is a Report on the 2019 Regional Hymn Evangelistic services

Thank our Lord Jesus Christ that the Regional Hymn Evangelistic services were smoothly conducted concurrently at Kajang, Klang and PJ churches on 28th September 2019. The common theme for the service was `Salvation and Grace’ . The program commenced with a hymn singing session followed by a multimedia presentation on the essential doctrines of the True Jesus Church. There were 2 short sermons by the preachers on the theme and the choir groups took turns to render hymns in English, Chinese and Malay . At the event in Kajang Church, hymns in Tamil and Burmese were also presented . The finale of the program was a combined hymnal by all the choir groups and followed by refreshments. At the event in Klang church, during the refreshments’ time, the truth seekers were ushered to the multipurpose hall where the preacher, ministers and members continued to engage and reach-out to them in an informal setting.

The services at the 3 churches were organized based on geographical locations. Kajang church was the venue for the Central Region churches in the south namely Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Cheras, Kajang and Kajang Utama. 4 choir groups from the 4 churches sang hymns at the event. Pr Ezekiel Chang was the speaker. Klang church was the venue for the Central Region churches in the west namely Botanic, Klang and Subang and the choir groups from the 3 churches including Hosanna Group sang hymns at the event. Pr Hosea Hoo was the speaker. PJ church was the venue for the Central Region churches in the east namely Gombak, Kepong and PJ and the choir groups from the 3 churches sang hymns. Pr Daniel Chin was the speaker.

Thank our Lord Jesus that there was a total of 119 truth seekers at the three locations. (26 truth seekers at Kajang, 58 truth seekers at Klang and 35 truth seekers at PJ) . The truth seekers were presented with a Note book and some tracts. We pray for the respective Churches’ follow up work on the truth seekers.

  • Kajang Church
  • Klang Church
  • Petaling Jaya Church

2019 Brief Report of Northern Region Evangelical Month

According to the month set by the General Assembly. The theme for the Northern Region’s Evangelical Service was “Everyone needs Jesus”. Preacher Joel Chong, Preacher Nehemiah and Preacher Yeremia were involved in the Evangelical Services. Dates and number of truth seekers for the Evangelical Services are as follow:

3/8/2019 Pengkalan Hulu Evangelical Centre

4/8/2019 Butterworth Church

25/8/2019 Kulim Church

28/8/2019 Sg Petani Church

7/9/2019 Bayan Baru Church

13/9/2019 Alor Setar Church

5/10/2019 Padang Serai Church

19/10/2019 Penang Church

The First Gospel Tea Fellowship at Petaling Jaya Church

Through God’s guidance, in this new year of 2019, Petaling Jaya (PJ) church has successfully held its first Gospel Tea Fellowship of the year on 27 January. Instead of sitting in the chapel to listen to sermons, the Gospel Tea Fellowship at PJ church created a more casual and friendly environment for our family and friends to come to know the one true God and to listen to His word.

Church News 003 – Evangelical – 2019

Thank God, there were five truth-seekers who had joined us that day. Instead of inviting them to the chapel, we invited them to the youth classroom. The Gospel Tea Fellowship began with a hymnal session and a prayer of understanding. During the hymnal session, the true peace of God was brought up. Thus, the truth-seekers could know how wonderful it is to have the constant abidance of God. They also learnt that He will remember us when we are in the midst of trials or in sorrow; and He is the One that we can seek for and rely upon.

Church News 003 – Evangelical – 2019

Later, the first session began with a short sermon on the topic, “How Many Gods Are There?” by Preacher Ezekiel Chang. In this session, the truth-seekers were able to know about the one true God. After the sermon, we moved on to our second session which was the sharing session. It was a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone could chat with one another while having refreshments. With much love, our brethren also served hand-brewed coffee!

Church News 003 – Evangelical – 2019

Amidst the aroma of the coffee, we chatted, laughed and of course, shared our precious faith and testimonies with the truth-seekers. Hence, this session facilitated more interactions between the members and truth-seekers as there was an opportunity for spiritual sharing. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, members shared their testimonies and the blessings from God. Through the members’ personal experience of God, we hope that the truth-seekers could feel the abundant grace of God. More importantly, the truth-seekers could voice out their doubts and viewpoints about the faith without much pressure.

Church News 003 – Evangelical – 2019

The Gospel Tea Fellowship is unique because we could preach the gospel and expand the territory (i.e., establish relationship with the truth-seekers) in a less restrictive, but more comfortable way. This mode of evangelism would made it easier to move the heart of the truth-seekers. May God continue to guide the upcoming Gospel Tea Fellowship; allowing His word to be rooted in the truth-seekers’ heart in order to save more souls.

Church News 003 – Evangelical – 2019