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Year 2020 The Year 4 Youth Theological Training Course

Thank God for His guidance that the third batch of the Year 4 Youth Theological Training Course (YTTC) was carried out smoothly from the 2nd to 10th of January 2020 at the Olive Garden Training Centre, Port Dickson. The Year 4 YTTC and the Short-Term Theological Training Course differ in terms of its participants, teaching purpose and course content. The focus of the Year 4 YTTC was to equip youths who are embarking on the journey of tertiary education. Therefore, the content of the course was more targeted and practical. The targeted aspect was that, in addition to the biblical courses taught by the preachers (A Comparative Study on Doctrines and Introduction to the Prophetic Books), there were also some topics on college campus such as campus life, time management, Campus Fellowship, Campus Evangelism, etc. In order for the students to know themselves better and for them to select the right tertiary course, this YTTC also includ­ ed topics like course selection guide and career path for Christians. In terms of practicality, this YTTC also paid more attention to the students’ various practical skills, such as delivering sermon, interpreting, hymn leading, etc.

There were a total of 22 believers who had registered for the Year 4 YTTC. The church would like to take this opportunity to urge all churches to actively encourage youths of tertiary age to register for the YTTC in the future. In addition to the participants, there were six volunteers, (facilitators) who had assisted in this YTTC. The two preachers who assisted in this YTTC were Pr. Ezekiel Chang and Pr. Nehemiah Ooi. We hope that our Lord God will continue to guide these tertiary students so that they can walk with God in the journey of their tertiary education.

Church News 001 – Youth – 2020

Central Region Working Youth fellowship

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord Jesus I give a report. The Central Region Youth Affairs organized an online Working Youth Fellowship with the theme, Looking at Faith from the Pandemic, on 13 December 2020. The main purpose of the fellowship was to build cohesiveness and encourage the working youths amidst the pandemic. Thank the Lord, the fellowship attracted close to 60 working youths and 2 truth-seekers. The fellowship began from 9 a.m. to around 5 p.m. via the Zoom conferencing platform. The programme was mainly divided into two parts: encouragement in the morning and fellowship activities after lunch. The speaker, Pr. Nahum Lim discussed the following topics with the youths in the morning:

1. Looking at the plague from history
2.The current movement control order (MCO) measures and their significance to us.
3.The impact of the plague on our social life and church life
4.What can we learn from the pandemic?

Through the four encouragement sessions in the morning, preacher reminded the working youths to make use of this pandemic to reflect and examine their faith; whether it is personal worship service, fellowship and friendship amongst the brethren, or the attitude towards divine work. Preacher also encouraged the youths to keep their faith amidst the pandemic and even more, to know how to rely on God in adversity.
In the afternoon, the Central Region Working Youth Steering Committee also specially arranged a series of online fellowship activities for the participating youths to enhance the