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Perak Region Report


There was a spike in the number of Covid cases recently. Greater attention was given to the precautions taken during our worship and conducting of divine work.

Services could be held in the chapel, with intermittent occasions of suspension. Holy Communion resumed whenever possible since the beginning of the year. Visiting work was conducted with precaution and compliance to standard operating procedures (SOP).

The online evangelical services organized by the General Assembly was of great assistance to reach out to new friends. In addition to sharing the link with our friends, we organized visitation to their homes so that we could join the online evangelistic service together with our friends. As the MCO was relaxed, we were able to conduct evangelical outreach to newly pioneered areas by organizing home evangelical services at their places.

Since the beginning of the MCO, we took the opportunity to conduct an online Regional Youth Service. This gave the opportunity for all youths in the region to participate together. It was of great help to the youths in smaller churches who were not able to conduct their own Youth Service due to the lack of leaders and youths. This has spurred them to conduct their own local Youth Services whenever they were able to gather.

Whenever possible, RE classes were conducted in the chapel. However online classes continued to be held, especially to allow children from smaller churches and distant areas to follow the class.

We thank God that we were able to gather the members in one venue for the STTTC and the Intermediate Youth Bible Camp. This gave the participants an opportunity to have fellowship in addition to learning the truth.