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Youth Theological Training Course

Thank God, the Youth Theological Training Course was held from 27 november to 17 December 2018. Due to the language restrictions, the training course (Malay language class, and Chinese and English language class) was held in two locations.

The Chinese and English language class was held at Olive garden in Port Dickson. Due to the water supply shortage in Port Dickson, the training course was delayed for two days. Consequently, those who had already bought the transport tickets were unable to stay at Port Dickson. God’s grace is sufficient; because of the immediate hospitality and preparation of the Petaling Jaya (PJ) Church workers, the students were arranged to temporarily stay at PJ Church. When the water supply was restored, they also arrived early at Olive Garden to assist in cleaning up the surroundings. In total, there were 111 students and five speakers.

The Malay language class was held at Sungai Petani Church. This was the second time that the Malay class had been held there. This time, the Malay language class consisted of two classes to complement the improved curriculum and structure. It also provided advanced learning for the Malay-speaking students. Thank God, many members from the Northern Region were pleased to be involved in the catering work. In total, there were 25 students and 4 speakers.

The 42nd Batch of Youth Theological Training Course (Chinese and English language class)
The 42nd Batch of Youth Theological Training Course (Chinese and English language class)
Youth Theological Training Course (Malay language class)
Youth Theological Training Course (Malay language class)

Special Report on the Publishing Training Course and Formation of the Hujan Musim Semi Committee, West Malaysia 2018

This special magazine column records the entire journey of the publishing training course and formation of the Hujan Musim Semi (HMS) committee in the West Malaysia region. Through the grace and guidance of God, the publishing training course and formation of the HMS committee went on smoothly as planned. The presence of co-workers who came from Sabah to assist in the publication of this magazine was a great encouragement to those who are involved in this divine work. The training course and formation of the HMS (West Malaysia) held at Petaling Jaya (PJ) Church. There was a total of 21 participants; assisted by one preacher and three deacons who shared words of encouragement.

The training course and formation lasted for two days. The training course was held from the Sabbath morning of 1 December 2018 until the Sunday evening of 2 December 2018. The training course began at 7:00 am with a morning prayer (Sabbath) led by Dn. Gamaliel Wai. Thereafter, Dn. Maleakhi led the opening prayer for the training course and the actual
training course BEGAN from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

The training course led by Dn. Maleakhi included the following:

  1. The process of magazine publishing.
  2. The formation of a new committee for West Malaysia.
  3. Discussions and work distribution.

Through the guidance of God and after the discussion amongst the co-workers, the new
committee members (West Malaysia) appointed to carry out this divine work are as follows:

  • Advisor: Dn. Jeremiah Chang
  • Editor in chief: Sulia Tarintim
  • Editors: Eldrin Ady Wastin, Yoel Kundian, Helvendry Mojilip, Porlin Tarintim.
  • Designers: Jedikanie Jasnie, Jason Arvind, Willary Dn. Heman, Setra Ginsim
  • Proofreaders: Anna Ginsu, Jaizlyn Tracyla.
  • Reviewers: Pr. Nehemiah Ooi, Dn. Titus Hee
  • Coordinator for East Malaysia: Dn.Gamaliel Wai.

After the formation of the committee, Dn. Maleakhi distributed the editing work and also conducted the training on magazine design, i.e., “page-making.” The editing team was assigned to edit the collected materials, while the designing team was trained and guided by Sis. Valerie Chin. Both of these ended at 12:00 pm to make way for the Sabbath service and Holy Communion sacrament as arranged by the local church.

Designing team
Designing team
Editing team
Editing team
A brief fellowship by the HMS committee from Sabah with the PJ church members.
A brief fellowship by the HMS committee from Sabah with the PJ church members.
Presentation of souvenir to PJ church.
Presentation of souvenir to PJ church.

The magazine publishing training course on the first day ended at 12:00 pm. In the afternoon, after the Sabbath service at PJ church concluded, the HMS committee left for Kajang Utama church to have fellowship with the members there. The fellowship ended at 9:00 pm and all the participants returned to PJ church to have a rest and to prepare for the training course on the next day.

Although the participants were rather exhausted, the editing work and training course on magazine design continued from as early as 7:00 am on the second day. At 9:00 am, Dn. Jeremiah, the chairman of the West Malaysia Department of Literary Ministry, gave words of encouragement to the participants who were present.

Church News 005 – Training
Church News 005 – Training

He also suggested ideas for the content and the necessary additions for the HMS magazine. After that, the editing work and training course on graphic design continued until 4:00 pm. Before this training course ended, Dn. Maleakhi once again explained the process of magazine publishing, discussed on issues that should be added in the magazine for the year 2019 and distributed the work for every issue. Before the concluding prayer, Dn. Gamaliel Wai gave words of encouragement to the new workers to be zealous in this servitude. The training course ended with a prayer at 5:45 pm.

We are extremely touched by the love and spirit of our co-workers from Sabah who willingly came from afar for God’s work. Despite the tight schedule and physical exhaustion, they were still zealous in assisting us throughout the training course. And not forgetting the love of the PJ church members who provided the training venue and lodging for the participants throughout the training course; may God bless everyone with His grace. We hope that whatever is entrusted to us by God will give us another opportunity to continue to be more zealous in our servitude to God.

National Interpreters Training (4 Aug – 5 Aug 2018)

Sis Lydia Teh, professional trained as an interpreter, came over from Singapore to help train our interpreters in various interpreting techniques, namely How to deal with difficulties, Public Speaking Skills and Coping Tactics (Comprehension, Preventive, Reformulation).

Skills and Coping Tactics (Comprehension, Preventive, Reformulation).
Importantly, all interpreters were reminded that, besides praying and preparing linguistic capability, bible knowledge and accuracy are cores to being faithful in the work of interpreting. Being able to converse in 2 languages don’t naturally make one a possible interpreter, one ought to carefully consider one’s capability as this pertains to conveying the Word of God to feed the flock.

Church News 005 – Training

Short-Term Youth Theological Training Course (YTTC) Graduates Voluntary Work Program 2018

The Voluntary Work Program was held from 3 to 15 January 2018 for 15 days. This program was opened for the YTTC 2017 graduates who had completed 3 years of the YTTC. A total of 10 participants from all regions in West Malaysia (3 from Northern Region, 2 from Perak Region, 3 from Central Region and 2 from Southern Region) attended the program, and 4 mentoring preachers assisted in the program.

Purpose of the Voluntary Work Program

  • Provide an internship avenue for those who graduated from the YTTC after 3 years while waiting for their SPM results, and to utilize what they had learned in the YTTC.
  • Further train and refine their skills in certain aspects of divine work and to cultivate the spirit of servitude for the Lord.
  • The local churches can utilize the gifts of these graduates; mobilizing them in the local churches’ divine work, and to take up further responsibilities in regional or national divine work.

Graduates may be assigned to deliver sermons or interpretation work on weekends, follow the preachers for visitations and learn to prepare sermons with the preachers’ guidance on weekdays. These graduates will also have the opportunity to visit pioneering areas, such as in the East Coast and Batu Lapan in Tapah.
Most of them were satisfied with this intense but edifying program.


  • Daily Bible reading and prayer
  • Visit truth-seekers and members
  • Mass preaching and interpretation practice
  • Religious education
  • Observation and discussion through the guidance of preacher
  • Fellowship
  • Housekeeping
Church News 005 – Training
Church News 005 – Training
Church News 005 – Training
Church News 005 – Training