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2020 Online Adult Theological Training Course

The date of the Adult Theological Training Course fell on the 27th – 30th of December, 2020. The students were of different regions: Northern Region students were gathered in Sungai Petani Church and Penang Church for lessons online; Perak Region students gathered in Kampung Koh Church and Ipoh Church for lessons online; Central Region students gathered in their respective churches such as Petaling Jaya Church, Subang (Jaya) Church, and Kepong Church for the online course. There was also a Singaporean student.

There were 171 brothers and sisters (60 brothers & 111 sisters) who participated this time, including 15 sit-ins. The topics discussed were 2 Peter – Grow in Knowledge, by Pr Ezra Chong; and Bibliology by Pr Nahum Lim.

2020 Online Youth Theological Training Course

Thanks be to God, the Youth Theological Training Course was held over a period of 5 days, from 20-24th December 2020. There were 110 students who participated in the event via live-streaming from their homes or local churches. The students from the Northern Region were gathered in Sungai Petani church for the online lessons, while those in Perak Region had their classes in Ipoh and Kg. Koh churches. Students from Central Region churches attended the online sessions in their respective churches, and those from locations which were still under lockdown stayed at home. There was a student who came from Brunei among us.

The theme of this course was Grow Up in the Lord Jesus Christ. Its content encompassed youth spiritual nurture, church and service, family relationships, academics and friends, application of technology, sexual education, Christian concept of marriage etc. There were 43 first-year students, 33 second-years, and 34 third-years. The speakers involved were Pr. Daniel Chin, Pr. Ezekiel Chang, Pr. Habakkuk Hee, Pr. Hosea Hoo, Pr. Nehemiah Ooi, Dn. Isaiah Phan, Dn. Elijah Chang and Dn. Aaron Tan. Apart from didactic teaching, the students also had to share testimonies.

Volunteer Training Course for the Youth Theological Training Course Graduates

The graduates of the Youth Theological Training Course (YTTC) began their volunteer training course after having completed the Year 4 YTTC. This 13-day practical training course was intended to provide them a platform to put into practice what they had learnt through­ out the three years of Short-Term Theological Training Course. Besides that, it also served as a platform for them to discover their gifts in various ministries, and to cultivate them with the correct attitude and spirit when serving God. Through this volunteer training course, they also had the opportunity to get to know the churches outside their own areas.

The participants of the volunteer training course were divided into four teams. Each team followed the preachersor ministers to learn to serve together with them. We hope that through this volunteer training course, the graduates would be able to bring edification to the local churches by applying what they have learnt!

Pre-Ordination Class

The Training Affairs has arranged a pre-ordination class for the minister candidates—Bro. Teh Meng Hui and Sis. Chin Phei Chein of Petaling Jaya church, and Bro. Kwek Keng Huah of Klang church.

The speakers for this class are Pr. Joel Chong and Pr. Habakkuk Hee. The lessons will be conducted via Google Meet on six consecutive Sundays beginning from 7 June to 12 July 2020, that is six hours or six sessions each Sunday.

The topics that will be covered are Spiritual Leadership, Pastoral Theology, Counseling, Church Administration, Articles of Faith, Administration of Sacraments, Ministerial Handbook/Q&A, Crisis Handling, Divine Workers Hand­ book, and Constitution/By-Laws.

We pray that the Lord Jesus will guide the class and that He will grant understanding, knowledge and wisdom to the candidates, so as to equip them for the ministry.