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TJC Global Live Stream

TJC Global Live Stream

Gentle Reminder

It’s comfortable and casual when attending a church service from your home. Please read this Gentle Reminder and prepare yourself before the service.

Live Stream for Your Church?

If you are interested in setting up a live stream for your church. Please read this guide How to Set Up Youtube Live Stream with Online Conference Call.


If you find any incorrect service time, link(s), info for a church. Please fill this form to let us know.

TJC Global Live Stream

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Gentle Reminder

When attending online virtual church services, we must carry a reverent attitude just as if we are attending the actual chapel worship services. Let us remember to worship God in spirit and in truth. Also, please set up a conducive environment at home for the purpose of attending online virtual church services.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Pray for 15 minutes before the online services begin so as to prepare our hearts.
  2. Encourage the entire family to congregate and attend online services.
  3. Read the Bible and take notes during the services.
  4. Neat attire. (e.g. no pajamas)
  5. During the services, no food or drink, nor dealing with personal affairs.

Please use hymns between 1 to 469 when live-streaming. Hymns 470 to 525 are limited to in-chapel use.

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