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What is the gospel? What does it have to do with salvation? What must I do to be saved anyway? One popular belief today is that all good people will go to heaven when they die. Who can say whether this is true or not? Watch the following videos to find out.

Another popular belief is that even though Christian denominations have differences regarding their beliefs in God and salvation, they are working toward the same goal by sharing a common belief in Jesus Christ. So it shouldn’t matter which church Christians attend or which version of the “gospel” they preach, since they are all essentially the same, right?

The Lord once said, \”If you love Me, you will obey what I command.\” But over the last nineteen hundred years, man has obscured His original will. Only when we choose to obediently return to the original truth, as demonstrated in Jesus\’ words and living examples, can we truly experience the fullness of His promise.

On the right is a brief overview of the ten basic beliefs of the True Jesus Church. Find out for yourself how these beliefs fully agree with the complete gospel according to the Bible. For a more detailed discussion on each on the beliefs, please consult our Gospel Series booklets. To find out what you can do to be saved, please read this article on The Way of Salvation.