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Grace Upon Grace (Part 1)

Penang Church  |  Sister Molly Foo |Audio

In the name of Lord Jesus, I testify.

I am sister Molly Foo from Penang Church. I was born into a Taoist family and attended the Methodist Girls School which I disliked at that time because the teachers made me participate in the Christian fellowship every Tuesdays and Fridays. Thus my dislike for Christianity started at that time.

After leaving school, I started work at the City Council of Penang Island. I acquainted an elderly colleague who was a fervent Buddhist. She took care of me and even taught me to chant Buddhist prayer. I practiced the chanting diligently because this colleague said that such practice would make my life very good. My mother was alarmed at my diligence in chatting prayers on the first and fifteen of every month, thinking that I might become a nun!

Three years later I met a male colleague whom I married later. After a period of courtship, my then-boyfriend visited me at my house. My mother was very impressed with him and liked him a lot. When I told my mother that he was Christian, my mother remarked that it was alright as he was a very nice man. My husband was born into a Christian family. He has nine siblings, three of his brothers married Buddhist wives. My future father-in-law commented that it was not a problem to have another daughter-in-law who is not a Christian. My mother also made my husband-to-be promise to take me to the temple whenever there was a need.

Although my husband is a Christian, he hardly attended any church services except for Christmas and special occasions. In fact he had been seeking for the truth and wanted to find the true church for many years. After a year of our marriage, my youngest sister-in-law who was teaching in Kajang, Selangor told my husband that she had found the church which preaches the truth. She said that this church has a branch in Ayer Itam, Penang. So for the first time, my husband stepped into the True Jesus Church at Ayer Itam and listened to the sermon. After the service he was convinced that the True Jesus Church (TJC) is the true church. He told me that he had found the right church and would continue going to the TJC. This church denomination made no difference to me since he was already a Christian. After truth-seeking for a few months, my husband decided to get baptized on the 7th of March 1981. I was pregnant at that time and the baby was due on the 11th of March. So I agreed to witness his baptism. However my baby son arrived sooner than expected on the 4th of March, thus I could not witness his baptism.

In 1983, I followed my husband to Medan, Indonesia for a work assignment for a week. Upon our return, he visited his father. When we met him he told us that he had been excreting reddish-mud coloured urine for 4 – 5 days! We were shocked and asked him why he did not ask his other children to take him to see the doctor. He replied that he wanted to wait for my husband’s return from overseas! We immediately took him to the hospital. The X-ray examination showed that he had stones in his gall bladder. Since my father-in-law was in his late 70s, the doctor wanted to see all his nine children to brief them on the operation procedure. My eldest sister-in-law remarked that all the daughters-in-law would have to take turns to take care of my father-in-law if he was operated on. This troubled me as I would not have sufficient leave to take care of him. Since my husband has been sharing the TJC ‘s testimonies of healing and miracles, I suggested to him to pray for his father for healing. My husband invited me to join him in prayers on that Friday evening. He also said that if my father-in-law was healed, I should join the church.

Thank the Lord Jesus for His grace, the above is my first testimony. (To be continued with the second).