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How God Led Me to the True Church

Butterworth Church  |  Sister Lee Chooi Fong |Audio


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I wish to testify, how God led me to the True Church.

I am Sister Lee Chooi Fong from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. In the year 1986, I was invited by my sister to attend the 33rd Annual Spiritual Meeting at the True Jesus Church, Teluk Kurau, Singapore. I had attended many other church denominations prior to my sister’s invitation. The name True Jesus Church sounded strange to me, and I was not interested to accept the invitation. However, through the persistent persuasion of my sister, I finally agreed to join her.

Thanks to the wonderful grace of God, I was indeed given the opportunity to know and experience the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. In church, a sister-in-Christ taught me how to pray by starting with the name of Jesus Christ and followed by saying “Hallelujah”. During the 2nd prayer session, when a deacon laid his hand on my head, I felt a warm feeling descending upon me and my eyes were overwhelmed with tears.  And I began speaking in an unknown tongue. Though I was crying, in my heart was peace and joy. Praise and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for bestowing His promised Holy Spirit upon me.

In the afternoon prayer, I experienced another spiritual experience. During that prayer the holy spirit moved my hands to form the sign of a cross and began a new experience of spiritual laughter. In the night prayer session, I felt the present of a person standing right before me and tried to reach out and touch him but was unable to, however, I knew his presence was there.

On 29th November 1986, there were two visions that I saw during my second and third prayers and wish to testify to the members and friends to glorify the Lord: –

1st Vision happened during my second prayer. I was in a beautiful garden full of vibrant colored flowers. Joyfully I started to dance. I felt my body was very light and my hands started to make gestures.  I knew I was experiencing spiritual dance. I also saw a dove flying. I moved my hands to catch the dove and suddenly I heard a voice calling out to me. I turned and saw a very bright light and a figure beckoned me to go near to him. The figure was gloriously bright, and he was gesturing in sign. Then I heard him saying, “I love all of you”. I replied and told him, “I love you too” along with a hand gesture. The bell rang and ended my prayer.

2nd Vision happened in my third prayer.  In this prayer I was singing a beautiful spiritual song which I had never heard before. The Holy Spirit moved me to rub my eyes. I kept rubbing and rubbing ……. then suddenly, I saw a very bright light moving towards me.  Opening my eyes, I saw our Lord Jesus was walking towards me and came in front of me. On his head was a crown of thorns and he was wearing a white robe. He was smiling at me for a moment before He moved away.

Seeing these visions, I am convinced now that this is indeed the true church and convinced that God loves me too. Now I know that God exists, even though I have attended so many other church denominations but unable to find the true church of God until now, for which, I am eternally grateful to our heavenly father.

In the vision, I asked the Lord Jesus to show me His true church. Immediately my hands moved and wrote the church name “TRUE JESUS CHURCH”. My hands could not stop writing the same words repeatedly. From that moment on, I knew for certain that this church is the true church of God that belongs to the heavenly father. In my prayer my tears flowed freely till the bell rang.

After the prayer, Preacher Simon Chin asked me what I saw during the prayer. He noticed my prayer was different and encouraged me to testify for the Lord what I have witnessed. With much encouragement from preacher, I courageously bear these testimonies on the visions I saw in my prayers to glorify God and to reassure all presence that the TRUE JESUS CHURCH is the true church belonging to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Having been through all the experiences mentioned above, my sister and I are absolutely convinced that we found the church of God that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, both of us decided to receive the true water baptism in the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful grace, love, and choosing. Hallelujah, Amen.