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Three blessings from Jesus – Blessing 2

Bayan Bahru Church  |  Sister Stepfanie Hee |Audio


In the name of Jesus I testify. I am Sis. Stefanie Shee from Bayan Bahru Church,
The second blessing is described here:


Blessing 2

One Saturday morning in June 2020, I woke up with a sore chest and arm rashes, and not long later, I started running a fever. After a trip to the hospital I was suspected to have contracted Chikugunya, but my report turn out to be negative even after a few rounds of blood tests. I only know that it was actually Chikugunya, after my father showed up with the same symptoms and tested positive for it. Besides the rashes and the fever, I also developed mouth ulcers I presumed due to the virus as well and it was so horrible that I couldn’t eat, talk or even smile. Instantly, simple actions we often taken for granted became so difficult to be executed. Since my blood tests kept returning to be negative, the physicians guessed it’s likely just a simple viral fever and thus were a little reluctant to provide a long M.C. One was even skeptical and suspected me of contracting STDs due to the severity of the oral ulcers. But the truth was this is unlike normal viral fevers where you can recover within a few days. Now without around a week’s M.C., it would be excruciating. But thank the grace of our Lord God; since it was still under the MCO period, our company has complied with the government’s requirement to work in rotations/shifts. In that week itself, I was scheduled to return to the office for two days, and with the addition of the M.Cs I received, I returned to the office for just one day. Furthermore, my colleagues and superiors were all very sympathetic and empathetic. They understood that I was still unwell and thus didn’t pressure me neither did they handed over any workloads when I returned.

According to my schedule, I was supposed to work from home the next day and I needed an M.C to declare myself unfit for working, even from home. But my M.Cs were all used up and I don’t see the point of returning to the doctors again, nonetheless, my superior was once again, very understanding. I am sure she knows that I wasn’t truly working from home on that day and was without an M.C., nevertheless didn’t purposely check up on me. I have heard stories of employers constantly checking up on employees (even every 5 minutes) during the MCO period to ensure that they are really working from home. I am very much blessed to have encountered such magnanimous colleagues and superiors in my workplace. In addition, I started work in early March with 3 months of probationary period. I fell sick in early June, and it was just nice as my probation was already over. If I had been ill during the probationary period, according to the company’s regulations, my salary would have been deducted according to the days I was absent. Recently a newcomer join the company as well, and she fell sick during her probationary period and her salary of course will need to be deducted. Oh who would provide such a nice timing? Surely again, it is no other but God. Perhaps one might question, “why didn’t God allowed my report to be positive so the doctors can provide a longer M.C to lessen all those hassles?”. But looking from another perspective, if I had a longer M.C, I wouldn’t have realize how fitting everything was, how benevolent my colleagues and superiors were. If I didn’t unfortunately stumbled across this virus, I would have forgotten how fortunate I was to be still surrounded, loved, cared, comforted and interceded by my parents, family and friends. I would have overlooked these seemingly petite yet abundant blessings from God.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” ~ Lamentations 3:22-23

May all glory be given to the Lord Jesus. This is my second testimony. (To continue with third testimony)