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His Grace Is Sufficient for Me—How I came to the True Jesus Church

Petaling Jaya Church  |  Sister Sabrina Kon

Hallelujah, In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I testify.


Before knowing Christ

Before I came to know the True Jesus Church (TJC), I was a free thinker and came from a generation of idol worshippers.

Although I had been persuaded many times by my friends and even strangers on the streets to become a Christian, none could give me a convincing answer as to why there are so many denominations in Christianity. So in the end, I did not bother to find out the truth. Although I knew about God’s existence, He was not my priority. My studies and my grades were my priority during my school days.

I did not have a good childhood and it was a struggle for me. I had often asked God—whoever He was back then—to allow me to grow up fast, be independent and give me a job. He granted me all my wishes and He added one more. He gave me a talent in Arts. After discovering my talent, I enrolled myself in an art school, graduated and quickly found a job. That job did not pay much, however, I accepted it as part of my learning path. I learnt as much as I could from everyone in that advertising firm.

When it was time for me to move on, I found another job in a design house in Singapore. I have worked in Singapore for many years in several design houses. I became a workaholic and I did not care much about my own health. I literary buried myself in work. Earning more money was my top priority. With the money, I could have financial security and stability. During that period, I had forgotten about my own well-being and ‘lost myself’. It was then that I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease that attacks my own immune system. There is no cure for this disease except that I have to rely on steroids to suppress it. I had to struggle every morning to get up from my bed. Usually, I would take about 30 minutes to be able to move my limbs. I had to use my will power to push myself out of bed.


Returning to Malaysia in 2015

In the year 2015, I came back to Malaysia for good as my mum needed me. She had a fall which resulted in her limited mobility. Being a full-time caregiver was not easy. It had its ups and downs. I needed to persevere a lot.  I had no one to talk to or turn to when I was feeling down, so I often broke down and cried at night. It was never easy to see someone close to you suffers.  Adding to my stress, the rheumatologist in Malaysia diagnosed me with another auto-immune illness known as the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or lupus in short.

My precious time spent taking care of my beloved mum was shortened when she had another fall. She got hospitalized for almost two months before she passed away.

I was already having back pain while taking care of my late mum. On reflection, my strength must have come from God. He was so merciful that He allowed me to tolerate the back pain until my mum’s funeral was over.

Later, my pain became so severe that I had to check myself into a Center for holistic treatment. I had an MRI done and found out that I had three slipped discs. My pain became so bad that I could hardly sit or walk. All I could do was to sleep or lie facing upwards. It was in this Center that I met the late Sis Sau Pheng, who took an interest in my well-being even though she herself was extremely ill. She saw my pain and she taught me how to pray to Lord Jesus to ask Him to remove my pain. I told her I did not know how to pray but she continued to visit me every day to pray for me and patiently taught me to pray.

From the late Sis Sau Pheng, I got to know Sis Kwai Lin. She would often come to the Center to see me after her classes. She would bring me tracks and Manna magazines to read. She also explained to me who Jesus Christ was and His Salvation for mankind and about the background of True Jesus Church. Every Sunday, Eld Tee, Dn Paul Wong, Sis Mun Pheng and all the other sisters from TJC PJ would come to visit and pray for me.

Because of both the sisters’ caring and love, I started to pray to Lord Jesus in my own clumsy way. I often apologized and hoped that He understands my prayers. It was during this time, God started to train me and showed me my limitations. As my driving license was going to expire, I needed to renew it. Since I was always a headstrong person and the persistent belief that I should be self-reliant,  I thought that by taking two painkillers, I could drive to the Transport Department, JPJ to renew my driving license. But I was wrong. God allowed me to drive for only 2 km and my pain was so severe that I started to have cold sweat and almost fainted. I drove a little further so I could park my car. But God did not forsake me. He sent a good Samaritan to help me to drive my car back to the Center. In the end, Sis Kwai Lin helped me to renew my driving license.

After 6 weeks in the Center, my pain became worse. Later the late Sis Sau Pheng suggested I should see a chiropractor. I had initially made an appointment with a chiropractor on a Sunday but God made me changed it to Saturday. When I saw the chiropractor, he told me that I needed to do an urgent surgery to fix my problem because he explained that one of the three slipped discs had raptured. He sent my case to a spine surgeon and immediately a surgery was performed on me on the same day. The surgery went well and I was able to walk and sit. And now that I have read the Bible, I found out that Lord Jesus had healed me on a Sabbath day. Just like He healed many people on Sabbath day during the times in the New Testament. I like to thank each and every one of you here who interceded for me on that day. With the power of your prayers, the Lord heard all of you. Praise the Lord!


Truth-seeking in 2017

Eventually, I left the Center after staying there for 8 weeks. As I was getting better, I decided to be a Christian and join the True Jesus Church. My reason for joining the TJC was because firstly, it is not under any denominations. Secondly, the members preach the true words from the Holy Bible.

One day, I decided to plan a date to send my mum’s idol away to the temple. However, I felt ill with a high fever while having that thought. Later I was told that I was not supposed to handle that (removal of the idol) on my own. The deacons or Preacher would help to get rid of it. During my sleep that night, I felt a pair of white gentle and trusting hands lifted me up. I could not see the face as it was bright and white but felt the pair of gentle white wings flapping. As it took me upwards to the ceiling of my house, the ceiling was replaced with three pieces of floating grey cloths. As soon as I reached the top, the pair of hands laid me back gently on my bed. The next morning when I woke up, I felt my fever had subsided. However, my high fever came back at night and I had to be admitted to the hospital.

On the second day in the hospital, my total white blood count (WBC) had dropped to 1.3, a level where the body’s immunity is compromised. Thank God, the doctors acted quickly and pushed me into an isolation room.  I asked the doctors what they could do. They told me that they had to wait for the advice of the specialist from another hospital. Meanwhile, I was given some medications.

A thought came to me that I might not survive that night! So, I quickly wrote down some important things for my brother and messaged some of my friends to ask for their forgiveness. After that, I prayed to Lord Jesus Christ. I spend many hours talking to Him while lying on my sickbed. My conversation with Jesus was like a naive child. I told Him, “I want to be a Christian. But how can I, when I have not even read the Holy Bible or go to church? How? Jesus, I am dying! How will I be your child and go to Your Kingdom in Heaven to see You? And walk in Your garden? Am I too late? I am not afraid to die but I have yet to be baptized, how can I be a Christian? Will You, just bend Your rules for my sake? I promise You I will be a good student. I will listen and follow whatever You teach me. Just let me sit outside Your gate and You can come out every evening to teach me the Gospel. So I can understand Your words. Will You, Jesus, will You?”  Begging and begging Him… I think I fell asleep after a while.

The morning came but I did not die! Okay! Probably soon. The doctor took more of my blood for tests. My WBC continued to improve and I was discharged after one pint of blood transfusion on the fourth day. I thanked God profusely. I thanked Him for His mercy and love for me.

On 28 November 2017, I had my first Truth Seeker’s class in my house by Dn Nathanael Ko from TJC Klang and a few other classes by Pr Hosea Hoo. Brothers and sisters from TJC Klang and TJC Botanic also came to help me in my truth-seeking classes. God answered my prayer. He sent His ministers and brethren to my house to teach me His gospel. Praise the Lord!

On 9 December 2017, it was my first time attending a church service. All the brethren in TJC PJ gave me a warm welcome. I actually felt like I came home. I thanked the Lord for bringing me home.

I continued going to church every Saturday, the Sabbath day to attend the morning Bible study classes conducted by Dn Paul Wong and then the morning services and afternoon services. Later, I even attended the Sunday services and the Bible study classes as well.


Receiving baptism and the precious Holy Spirit in 2018

After completed all my truth-seeker’s classes, I received the water baptism on 3 February 2018 at Bukit Lagong, Batu Caves, Selangor. Indeed, a joyful day for me! Everyone I knew, came to witness and supported me. I was so blessed and touched by them. The spot chosen for the water baptism was serene. The weather was beautiful and the lighting was perfect.

As one by one went into the river for the water baptism, hymns were sung by brethren in the background. I was the fourth to be baptized. When I have reached the spot, I knelt down and clasped my hands together and started to pray to Lord Jesus for repentance of my sins. When Eld Tee called out “In the name of Jesus Christ,” my head and entire upper torso were totally immersed into the water. Although it was only a few seconds of immersion I felt it was long and slow. It was like a moment with God. I felt happy, joyful, light and renewed.

In the afternoon, I had my foot washing and partook in my first Holy Communion. After that, all the brethren called me ‘sister’. I thanked the Lord Jesus for bringing me back to His fold and allowed me to be His child, a Christian.

On 16 February 2018, I experienced bodily movements on my arms during the morning service prayers. On 4 March 2018, I received God’s promised gift, the Holy Spirit during our group nightly prayer session. It was exactly 30 days after my water baptism. In the beginning, my heart was filled with “fear of God” and “the Love for God” and light from within my heart flows to the rest of my body. It was fast and my tongue began to roll. My words “Hallelujah” became difficult and heavy to pronounce. I tried to pronounce thinking maybe I was tired and got lazy. But my tongue just kept on rolling. Then I remember that a sister once told me just relax if I should encounter anxiety. That was when I just let my tongue rolled.

Throughout that week, I had different experiences. In one prayer I felt so sorrowful and I cried. I mentioned that to Dn Paul and the following Sabbath day, during the afternoon service, the ministers confirmed I have received the Holy Spirit. I was so joyful because the Holy Spirit is from God and He will give to all His believers who have faith and humble themselves before Him. I believe that as long as we entrust and submit ourselves completely to God, peace and joy will come to all of us.

Before I conclude, I must say that it was by faith, I went to the Center to meet the late Sis Sau Pheng. I like to thank the Lord for allowing me to experience and witness all His teaching, training, guidance, strength, courage,  miracles, and healings that He has performed on me. Thank you, Lord, for Your divine love and mercy. Praise the Lord for His “Amazing Grace” and for “He Looked Beyond My Fault” and saw my needs.

I also like to thank the True Jesus Church, the ministers and all the brethren helped me on my journey to be closer to God. Praise the Lord!

Hallelujah! Amen.