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Brief History of the Kepong Church  | Audio

From Family Services to the Establishment of a Church (1980 – 2021)

In the 1970s, there were about 4 – 5 households of believers (around 20 people) staying in the Kepong area. To observe and keep the Sabbath day holy, the believers had to travel over 15 km every week to the churches in Kuala Lumpur for service.

To care for and pastor this group of believers, the church executive committee of Kuala Lumpur Church at that time arranged ministers to take turns to conduct family services at the believers’ place on every Tuesday night. After some time, they decided to fix the place of worship at Preacher Simon Chin’s house.

In 1987, after the Kuala Lumpur Church broke off from the West Malaysia General Assembly, several believers followed the ministers who had been pastoring them. Hence, home services were stopped at this point of time. After two years, with the establishment of Gombak Church, the Kepong home fellowship resumed until 2000.

Worship Centre (2001 – 2013)

Realising the importance of Sabbath-day worship and the commission of preaching the gospel, the church decided to purchase a place for worship and evangelism in Kepong during a Central Region Church meeting in early 2000.

After a survey was conducted among all believers, most agreed to carry out this plan of expansion. Hence, the resolution was that people-in-charge from Gombak, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya churches would oversee the planning, purchasing, care and supervision of the Kepong church amongst other matters.

After half a year, the church finally purchased a premise located on the third storey of a shop lot, with a total surface area of 1300 sq ft. and at a price of RM153,000 in Kepong. Later, the venue was dedicated to the Lord on 9th September 2001. Since then, Friday evening services were conducted. After a few months, Sabbath services were also held on every Saturday. There were about 35 believers at that time.

In 2011, because of the believers’ ardent prayers and preaching, the number of believers and truth-seekers increased. The church realised that the venue was no longer able to accommodate services and fellowships. Hence, the committee of Kepong and Gombak Church (mother church) began searching for a bigger place as a new place of worship. Thank the Lord Jesus for His guidance that we found two office lots (each with a total surface area of 3200 sq ft.) in a commercial building about 2 km away (from the present premise) at an approximate price of RM760,000.

After half a year of interior design and renovations, the new church premise was dedicated to the Lord once again on 8th June 2014. Towards the end of 2014, the venue was officially recognised as Kepong True Jesus Church, with a total of 60 believers. Thank God, our numbers have increased to 91 as of 2021.

During the six years after dedication, we have received the abidance and blessings of God in every aspect of divine work: worship, evangelism, and fellowships. We have expanded and developed abundantly, such as in the establishment of religious education (RE) unit. For religion education classroom purposes, after some discussions among the church executive committee, we decided to purchase another corner lot of 1600 sq ft. on the same storey at a price of RM420,000.

May all praises, glory and honour be given to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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