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History of the True Jesus Church in Kuantan, Pahang  | Audio


Back in 1975, Sis. Chan, who was formerly from Padang Serai church, was the first TJC member to reside in Kuantan, Pahang. During that period, there was no house visiting or fellowship. Thank God, Sis Chan can sustain and stand firm in her faith till today.


In 1990, another member, Sis. Lee Chooi Khuan from Penang shifted to Kuantan. Finally in 1996, she managed to contact Sis Chan. Since then, family visiting and home services were started. Initially, preachers and deacons who were on pastoral missions to Kelantan would make short visits to these two sisters’ houses.


During the 2000s, members from the TJC Gombak began to conduct home services once a month in these sisters’ houses. In 1998, Bro. Robert and his family, who are from Sabah, were transferred to Kuantan. Later in 2004, another Sabahan, Bro, Majiki and his family were also transferred here. Both these brothers are attached to the Army. Hence, the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) fellowship soon started. Members from TJC Johor Bharu, led by Deacon Isaiah Chang, took over the pastoral work. Once a month, they conducted two sessions of Sabbath services: the morning session in Bro Robert’s house using BM as the medium of instruction, while the afternoon session was conducted in Sis Lee’s house using Mandarin/English as the medium of instruction. In addition, Bro Chin Yee Hoe and Sis Tan Swee Kuan from TJC Gombak would made frequent visits to the members in Kuantan.

The Kuantan members had their first two-days of Spiritual Meeting at the Hotel Vistana with the assistance of Deacon Isaiah Chang and members from TJC Johor Bharu. The main purpose was to promote fellowship among the Malay-speaking and Chinese-speaking members and to provide spiritual nourishment.

As of December 31, 2013, the membership of believers in Kuantan was 12.


In early 2013, thanks to the grace of God, a terrace corner house was purchased as a venue for church services. Praise God, the Kuantan Prayer House was then established. This building was located very near to the Army camp, so it was very convenient for the Sabahan families. The Kuantan Prayer House started operation in February 2014. Since then, both the Malay-speaking and Chinese-speaking members have combined Sabbath services and bible studies were held regularly. Preacher Ezra Chong, Preacher Maleakhi, Preacher Hosea Hoo and members from the TJC Kajang took turns to conduct divine pastoral work and services in the Prayer House every fortnightly. Later, the rotated schedule included other churches from the Central Region: Cheras, Gombak, Petaling Jaya, Subang, Klang and Kepong. Another member from Sabah, Sis. Shena and her family were also transferred to Kuantan. Hence, as of December 31, 2017, membership of the Prayer House in Kuantan was 18.


Under the guidance of God, in mid – 2019, the General Assembly of True Jesus Church in Malaysia decided to purchase a shop lot in Kuantan town as a place of worship. This church building comprises of two storey shop lot and a mezzanine floor. This is the first True Jesus Church in the state of Pahang.


Thank God for His providence. The TJC Kuantan members had their first Sabbath service and bible study in this new church building on the 18th January 2020, conducted by the TJC Klang team. For the time being, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions in travelling during the MCO, all services and activities were put on hold. Members were then advised to stay at home to observe the Online Sabbath Service. The last Sabbath service was held on the 10th October 2020 which was conducted by the TJC Kepong team.


Some of the members were transferred back to their hometowns. Hence, as of 31st July 2021, there are 14 members. We pray that the Lord will continue to abide with all the brothers, sisters and church workers, so that we can stand firm in our faith.

May the Holy Spirit guide the church to reach out and preach to all people in every corner of Pahang, so that Jesus’ name is glorified. Amen.

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