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The History of Malacca True Jesus Church

Sis Lee Siew Choo’s (the late deaconess) house as the Prayer House

In the year 1951, there was a believer, Sis Lee (late deaconess) from Sg Petani who permanently moved to Malacca. At that time, Malacca church was yet to be established. 

In the year 1960, Sis Lee suffered from a critical disease but through the mercy and the grace of God, she was healed. In order to repay the grace of God, Sis Lee decided to offer her house as a prayer house. 

In the same year, Sis Chow Choon Mei and her entire family moved from Seremban to Malacca. Due to Sis Chow’s work which requires her to work on Saturdays, both Lee and Chow family could only have services on Friday nights. That was why Dn. James Chin (now an elder) set the second week of the month as the week to conduct Holy Communion.

Bro Wong Yin Kuang’s (now as Dn Philip Wong) House as Prayer House 1983-1988

In the year 1983, Sis Lee Siew Choo resided permanently in Kuala Lumpur after her retirement. Therefore the venue for the prayer house was changed from her residence to Bro Wong Yin Kuang’s (now as Dn Philip Wong) home. During that time, the Singapore’s members would pastor the Malacca flock according to the arranged schedule. Due to the increase in the number of members, there was a need for a place of worship.

The Establishment of Malacca Church (Taman Asean). 1988-2005

In the year 1987, with the guidance of God, a double story shop lot at Taman Asean was bought with the cost of RM 84,000 and the building was dedicated to the Lord during the Spiritual Meeting and Dedication on 20th-21st of August 1988. During this time, Dn. James Chin (now as Elder) did not stop pastoring the Malacca church till 15th of October 1991, when Bro Wong Ren Kuang was ordained as Dn. Philip Wong, followed by Sis See Gim Hwa as Dns Mary See.

2005 till present – Malacca Church (Cheng Perdana)

In the year 2003, due to the increase number of members, the church spent RM 400,000 to purchase a double story cornered shop lot (the current church building) and renovation work started in July 2004. The members had their first service on the 8th of July 2005 and had their Spiritual Meeting and Dedication on the 20th – 21st of August in the same year. Currently the church has 90 members, 10 truth seekers and the attendees for normal Sabbath Services consist of  50~60 people.


Regarding the interior of the church, it is 80×35 sq feet, the chapel can accommodate 180 people, while the cry room can accommodate 4 adults and 4 babies, and there is also a preacher’s room. At the ground floor, there is a reception counter, a secondary chapel that can accommodate 40 people as well as three classrooms and a kitchen. May the Lord continue to guide Malacca church, to allow us to grow and be strong here, all glory be unto the Lord’s name!