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History of True Jesus Church, Port Dickson  | Audio

Around 1980, some youths who were studying in Kuala Lumpur heard and accepted the gospel of True Jesus Church at the Setapak Fellowship. Later, they were baptized. These youths, together with some other youths from the Setapak Fellowship started preaching to their friends and relatives in Port Dickson (PD).

At the same time, they found two families of believers from the True Jesus Church (Bro Gan Hoch Seng’s family who originated from the Ipoh Church and Sis Chen Nyuk Lien’s family) who were living in PD. These existing members had been going to Seremban Church (about 40 km away) to attend Sabbath Services and partake the Holy Communion.

Since then, the existing believers together with the new believers started to have home services in PD. The venues were rotated between members’ houses. Besides the usual Sabbath services, evangelical services were also conducted in these members’ houses (see photos).

The rotation services were conducted until Bro Gan Hock Seng purchased his double-storey terrace house in Taman Indah, Port Dickson around 1984. Bro Gan’s family offered their house as a place of worship for PD members. It was at this place that PD church had religious education (RE) classes. The students consisted of children of our members and the truth-seeking friends and relatives.

It was also at this place that PD church held its very first spiritual meeting during which we experienced wonderful spiritual edification. As membership grew, the church felt that a personal house is no longer suitable for holding formal church services as well as larger scale evangelical services.

Therefore, in July 1996, the church moved to a rented upper floor of a corner shop lot in Lukut town. The rental was RM300 per month. More organized program such as RE classes, evangelical services, spiritual meetings could be carried out too. More truth-seekers came to know of our church.

During those years, many church ministers, brothers and sisters from Seremban, Bahau, Kajang, Petaling Jaya, Cheras, Gombak and Melaka came to help to conduct Sabbath services, Holy Communions, RE lessons, etc. Preachers and ministers from Taiwan who had come here included Eld. John Yang, Eld. Lai Ying Fu, Eld. Hou En Yuan, Dn. Tsai Mei Shi, Eld. Cheng Heng Tao and Eld Hsieh Soon Tao and others.

It was the love of these believers that built up the PD church from the beginning till now.

PD Church services were held in this shop lot until the completion of the first phase of Olive Garden (The Training Centre of General Assembly of TJC) in 1999. The PD church has since used the chapel in Olive Garden as the Port Dickson Church venue until today.

To date, we have five RE classes ranging from Kindergarten to Intermediate Youth Class. Besides Sabbath Services on Friday nights, Saturday mornings and afternoons, we also have weekly Tuesday night services. We also conduct truth-seekers classes for newcomers. The current membership is 68. All glory to God, Amen.