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History of the ​​True Jesus Church, Pengkalan Hulu | Audio

In 2006, the gospel of the truth of the True Jesus Church began to spread to the Orang Asli (Indigenous) community in Pengkalan Hulu when a little girl from Pengkalan Hulu attended a service in Batu Lapan, Tapah. She sincerely accepted the gospel and invited the elders and the divine workers to preach the gospel of the Truth of the True Jesus Church to her family in Pengkalan Hulu. In May 2006, an elder, the former chairman of the West Malaysia General Assembly (GA) made his first visit to Pengkalan Hulu which after that, the evangelistic work was handed over to the Evangelistic Division of the West Malaysia GA. Thank God for the hard work of the pioneering preachers and the voluntary workers who carried out the follow up works, a family of 7 people who were related to Bah Man (now Deacon Peter) came to be in contact with the church. They were the family of the little girl who first heard the word of truth in Batu Lapan, Tapah.

Under the guidance of the Lord Jesus, beginning August 2006, follow-up works of twice-monthly visits were conducted with an emphasis on the teachings of the essential doctrines of the True Jesus Church. Beginning 2010, main services were held every week on Sabbath Days while other services were held every two weeks on Sundays, with the help of a team of volunteers from the Northern Zone. Thank God, the first baptism was held on May 5th, 2007 in which a family of 7 received the baptism.

Thereafter, beginning August 2007, the works of evangelism were actively carried out. Two other families from other Christian denominations, a Semai family (9 members) and another Temiar family (11 members) received the Gospel of Truth. Initially, the services were held at the house of a believer but as the number of attendees increased, hence, in 2010, a shophouse was rented as a place of worship with a monthly rental of RM550.00. This was funded by the West Malaysia GA. As the number of believers and truth-seekers continued to increase, on December 1st, 2011, the ex-chairman of the Northern Zone made a booking to purchase a two-storey shophouse building in Pengkalan Hulu as the place of worship and this was approved by the West Malaysia GA. The sale and purchase agreement was signed on July 31st, 2012 at a cost of RM388,880.00.

The shop house was fully constructed and keys were handed over to the premise on May 29th, 2015. However, the Certificate of Fitness to occupy the building was only received on December 4th, 2017. The renovation works started on July 31st, 2018 and completed on November 17th, 2018. The purchase cost of this two-storey shop house and the renovation expenses were all the contributions of love shown by the churches and members in Peninsular Malaysia who had given their offerings to make this project a success.

Thank and praise the Lord God, the Pengkalan Hulu True Jesus Church now has a total of 72 members consisting of the Semai and Temiar indigenous groups. In addition to the Sabbath services conducted on Saturdays, Religious Education Classes, Youth services and scheduled family worships are also conducted.

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