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by T Chen

Dear Reader,

Recently I visited a friend at her new house. As I entered her living room, a beautifully framed wedding photo caught my attention; next to it a three-generation family photo graced the wall… moments of family bliss captured for eternity.

Just like my friend, most of us cherish our families. After all, it’s a cradle of love and warmth, a place of refuge, a place where we belong. God understands how much we need love and support, and for this reason He instituted the family when He created Eve as a companion for Adam (Gen 2:18, 21–22). But Eve was not merely a helper in the physical sense; God also intended her to be a spiritual companion to Adam.

Likewise, our family is not only a place of love; it is also where we support one another as we make our journey of faith.

Yet God’s purpose for the family does not stop here. A family is not only to serve each other; it is also meant to be a cradle of human love AND God’s love for the unloved, the needy and those who are still without salvation.

However, does our family radiate this love? Does our family actively attest to God’s love and greatness? Or are we content to enjoy our happy family life? Is God the center of our family or does He only appear on the scene once a week or in times of trouble? Are we even entangled in some family problems that seem insolvable?

Maybe we are the sole believer at home and are still struggling to bring our family to the Lord?

The writers in this issue share how God’s love and principles have helped them to improve their relationship with their family members. They also give practical advice on Christian parenting and on how to build a truly God-centered family life. In addition, they show that we can apply the same principles to our families, even if they have yet to believe in Christ; for God’s principle is love.

Moreover, we are reminded that God expects all of us to put effort into building a loving family that will glorify Him—whether we take on the role of parent or child. Yet, as we do our part, let us not forget to rely on the Holy Spirit’s power through prayer: the secret to a blissful and godly family life.